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And we're back!

Hey there! 

Our family is back from vacation - fully refreshed and inspired for the summer ahead.

We visited far off places, embraced the serenity, relieved stress, and boosted creativity as we stepped away from our digital selves.

We as a family experienced the rejuvenation of a digital detox!

We disconnected to reconnect with our core, understanding that both vacation and a break from social media platforms were essential for our collective #mentalhealth.

This "unplugging" fostered mindfulness, promoting deeper connections with each other and the world around us. ❤️

Our digital downtime allowed for mental breathing space, enabling us to refocus, recharge, and return refreshed!

Together, we took that break, cherished the quiet moments, and basked in the magic of real experiences.

We disconnected to truly connect, you know? Our minds thanked us.

Ok, now back to work 😆

All orders in queue have been shipped out, thanks again for your continued support of our small family business.

We appreciate each and everyone of you!

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