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Funko Pop protectors loved by collectors from coast to coast. Our Funko Pop protectors are available in premium soft and hard case versions. Protect your valuable pops and grails with our premium pop protectors and get free shipping on orders $69 and up. 

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Funko Pop Protectors FAQs

What Are Funko Pop Protectors?

Funko Pop Protectors are like the shields for your Funko Pops vinyl figures. They're special cases designed to protect your treasured Pops from dust, UV light and more. Basically, they're the bodyguards your Pops never knew they needed.

Are Funko Pop Protectors Worth It?

Absolutely, without question. Using our Funko Pop Protectors isn't just about keeping your pops safe and sound, our pop protectors protect your investment. A well preserved and protected Funko Pop will retain its value. If you are serious about collecting or even selling pops, you can count on us.

Do Funko Pop Protectors Block UV Light?

Why yes, they do! Our hard case pop protectors and premium soft pop protectors come with a UV-blocking feature that's like sunscreen for your Pops.

Funko Pops hate sunburns as much as you do! The sun's UV rays can be nasty and fade the colours of your figures and boxes. To shield your Pops, keep them away from direct sunlight and use our Funko Pop Protectors with UV resistance.

Hard Case Pop Protectors vs. Premium Soft Pop Protectors

Choosing between our hard cases and soft protectors is like picking between cake and pie—both are sweet, but they offer different experiences. Hard case pop protectors are like like an air tight safe for your Pops, perfect for vaulted or autographed pops and grails. Our premium soft pop protectors offer flexibility and are perfect for common pops and future grails.

Why Are Funko Pop Protectors Important?

Our Funko Pop protectors keep your Funkos in tip-top shape, which is super important for collecting and maintaining their value. It’s like having insurance but way cooler.

What Are Funko Pop Protectors Made Of?

Our protectors are made of premium materials. Our hard case pop protectors ones are made of thick rigid plastic, while our premium soft pop protectors are made of flexible plastic. Both are super tough, it's like choosing between Batman and Superman; both are heroes in their own right!

Where Can I Buy Funko Pop Protectors?

Look no further! You're already at the home of Canada's favourite Funko Pop Protectors - Pop Hard Case Canada! So go ahead, make your day and add some to your cart right now. Your Pops will thank you.

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