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Flex Premium Soft Funko Pop Protector 4" inch 0.60 mm

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Flex Protector™

Our premium soft Funko Pop protectors are super strong thanks to their unique 0.6 mm thickness. Available in packs of 10, 20, 40 and 80 (buy more and save). The positive reviews are coming in and collectors love our pop protectors. Protect your pops and get free shipping on all orders $69 and above.


  • 0.6 mm wall thickness
  • Reinforced edges
  • Auto-locking
  • UV Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Flat Top
  • Lock Tab
  • Modest branding

What would Tony Soprano say about our Flex Protector™? 

Tony Soprano Funko Pop

"Alright, listen up here. We got this new premium soft pop protector for your Funko Pops®. We call it the Flex Protector™. This ain't your run-of-the-mill case, no, it's like my bulletproof Caddy for your Pops! Made from some kind of special PET plastic, cooked up just for this job.

The thing is as clear as a bell, so your collectibles pop just like they oughta. But don’t let that fool you, it's tough as nails.

With a wall thickness of 0.60mm, this ain't getting busted anytime soon. It's like having a strong-arm guy for your Pops, keeps the usual wear and tear from messing them up.

Flex Premium Soft Funko Pop Protectors

And the sun? Fuggetaboutit. This protector's got a UV shield, stops your Pops from getting sun-faded like some washed-up goombah. Think of it like Silvio's polished loafers, always stays looking sharp no matter what.

The flat top? Oh, that's the cherry on the sundae. Makes stacking your Pops as easy as Carmela stacking my cannolis in the pastry box.

Lock Tab Flat Top

The lock tab, it's like a handshake between two made guys. It means something. It ain't gonna let you down. Keeps 'em all nice and cozy, just like they're wrapped up in Artie Bucco’s Sunday gravy.

We're not here to steal the show, we're here to protect it.

Our Flex Protector™ is like a silent partner, the quiet muscle behind the scenes. So yeah, our logo may be hidden, not because we're not proud of it, but because we're all about the art.

And our quality? That speaks for itself. It's like me Tony, you might not always see me coming, but you sure as heck know when I've arrived.

So, whaddya waiting for? Protect your Funko Pops® with the Flex Protector™ today."

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Modest Branding
Funko Fam

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