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Most Valuable Indiana Jones Funko Pops

Join us on a treasure hunt as we reveal the most valuable Indiana Jones Funko Pops in existence! Trust us, these pieces of vinyl treasure are worth breaking out your whip and fedora. They really stand out in a display, particularly when housed in our funko pop protectors.

Funko Pop Est. Value # Released
Indiana Jones (Holding Idol) $420 199 Jul 2016
Indy's Ride $200 19 2016
Indiana Jones (Battle Damaged) $190 200 2016
Indiana Jones (Jumbo) $100 885 Mar 2020
Indiana Jones (Jumbo | Metallic) $95 885 Mar 2020
Indiana Jones (Movie Poster Style) $60 30 Nov 2023
Indiana Jones (Jumbo | Gold) $55 885 Mar 2020

First up, we have our most prized artifact, the Indiana Jones (Holding Idol) Funko Pop. With an estimated value of a whopping $420, this is the "Holy Grail" of Indiana Jones Pops! Released exclusively for the San Diego Comic-Con International in 2016, it’s highly sought after by collectors. Its value has only gone up over time, making it a veritable golden idol. 

Indiana Jones Holding Idol Funko Pop

Next on the list, we have the 'Indy's Ride'. Boasting an estimated value between $125-$230, these Pop Rides are sure to give your collection a 'ride' to remember. 

Indy's Ride Funko Pop Indiana Jones

Then there’s the Battle Damaged Indiana Jones. This tough little guy has fought his way to a hefty value of $190. Exclusive and scarce, his unique 'battle scars' set him apart from the rest. Plus, who doesn’t love a figure with a bit of character?

Battle Damaged Indiana Jones Funko Pop

Our list would be incomplete without the Jumbo Indiana Jones Pops. Weighing in at a value of $100, these are an impressive 10” tall. 

Indiana Jones 10 Inch Funko Pop Jumbo Figure

Hang on, we have another Jumbo Pop, but this one has a metallic twist. At an estimated value of $95, the Indiana Jones (Jumbo | Metallic) glimmers with charm. Released as a limited edition, it's the ultimate treasure for an Indiana Jones enthusiast.

Indiana Jones 10 Inch Metallic Funko Pop Jumbo Figure

With yet another, Indiana Jones Jumbo Funko Pop - but this time it's Gold! This variant comes in at $55.

Indiana Jones Gold 10 Inch Funko Pop Jumbo Figure

This collection may have you thinking: Why do people collect Funko Pops?. Simple, they're fun, diverse, and can even serve as a great investment.

With any treasure, protection is paramount. Be sure to invest in some top-tier Funko Pop Protectors. For a more robust option, you can our Hard Stack Pop Protector to keep your Indiana Jones grails in mint condition.

And remember, collecting Funko Pops is more than just a hobby; it's a journey and an adventure, just like an Indiana Jones movie!

Got any of these gems in your collection? Let us know in the comments.

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