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Pop-Friendly Ikea Picture Ledges: Mosslanda, Malmbäck, Målerås, Mellöesa, Stöedstorp

Ikea Mosslanda picture ledges are among the most popular of Funko Pop display solutions in recent years. Their accessibility and relative low cost make them a solid choice for collectors across Canada and worldwide.

Fast forward a couple years and Ikea now has a slew of these pop-friendly picture ledges ranging from just $7 to $20 a piece. The MosslandaMalmbäck, Målerås, Mellöesa, Stöedstorp are all mounted onto your wall using just 2 screws and are available in an array of styles, lengths and finishes - even transparent acrylic! 

Do Pop Hard Cases fit on Ikea picture ledges?

Yep! We had some clients ask us if our Funko Pop hard case protectors fit on the these Ikea ledges. They sure do and they look absolutely awesome, if we do say so ourselves. :)

The great thing about using our hard stack pop protectors with these ledges, is that you can stack your pops securely on top of one another and reduce the amount of picture ledges required for your collection. This means less holes in your walls and more protected pops on display, win-win. Just in case you didn't know, our cases stack perfectly with Funko Pop Stacks. 

funko pop ikea canada picture ledge vinyl figures display


Here are the options currently available at Ikea Canada. Which do you like most? Do you use any Ikea ledges, shelves or furniture to display your Pop collection? Let us know in the comments!Ikea Funko Pop Friendly Picture Ledges

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  • I have a bunch of these, they work well. Like the new colors they have now.


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