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The Most Valuable Superman Funko Pops

Is there any superhero more famous than Superman? Debatable, but besides Batman and Spiderman, Superman is up there among the most popular and iconic of all superheroes, ever. Disagree? Leave a comment.

Superman's popularity carries over to Funko Pops with many collectors searching far and wide for some valuable Superman pops.

One of our customers, @superman_man_of_steel_kal_el sent us in this photo of his insanely awesome San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive #32 Superman in Black Suit Funko Pop protected in one of our Funko Pop Hard Case Protectors.

This Funko Pop was limited to 1008 pieces and is currently worth a whopping $850 (CAD). 

San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive #32 Superman in Black Suit $850

superman  black suit funko pop 07 exclusive limited edition

Here's a list of the most valuable Superman Funko Pops in 2021. Got any of these? Let us know in the comments.


Superman #07 (Bobble-Head) Metallic Chase $3600

Superman Bobble-Head Metallic Chase Funko Pop #07

Superman #07 Silver Hot Topic Employee Reward  $1746

Superman #07 Silver Hot Topic Employee Reward Funko Pop Exclusive


Superman #07 Kingdom Come Bedrock City Exclusive $230

Superman (Kingdom Come) Bedrock City Exclusive Funko Pop


Superman Metallic Chase $238

superman metallic funko pop vinyl figure chase


Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments. 

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  • I’ve got a superman 07 one.


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