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Bitty Pops by Funko: Pop Protectors? How big are they? Where can I get them?

Funko Bitty Pops are a line of miniature vinyl figures produced by Funko, the popular collectibles company. These figures are similar to Funko's traditional Pop! Vinyl figures, but are much smaller, standing at approximately 7/8 of an inch or 2.2cm tall.

Size of Bitty Pops Figures compared to other Funko Figures

Here are some key points about Funko Bitty Pops:
  • Bitty Pops were first released in 2023.
  • They are made from the same high-quality vinyl material as Pop! Vinyl figures, but are much smaller.
  • Bitty Pops feature the same cute, stylized design as Pop! Vinyl figures, with oversized heads and eyes - but just much smaller. 
  • Funko Bitty Pops will cover a wide range of popular franchises.
  • Launch Francises: Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more coming soon (please be Star Wars!). 
  • Bitty Pops can be used as decorations, desk toys, or as additions to larger collections of Funko figures.
  • Bitty Pops can be easily swallowed, so keep them away from those babies and toddlers! 

The first wave of Bitty Pop! features four series of Harry Potter 4-packs, as well as another four series of Disney 4-packs, including Mickey, Mini, Pluto, Daffy Duck and Goofy.

Bitty Pop Funko Figures

Harry Potter Bitty Pops Figures

Pop Protectors for Bitty Pops

Do pop protectors for Funko Bitty Pops exist and where can I get them? Would you like us to manufacture pop protectors for Bitty Pops? Please let us know!

Where can I get Funko Bitty Pops?

You'll be able to purchase Funko Bitty Pops wherever fine Funko's are sold :) 

Overall, Funko Bitty Pops are a fun new and affordable way for collectors to expand their collections and show off their favourite characters in a small and adorable form.

Bitty Pops Sorceror Mickey Mouse Minie Figures

Minnie Mouse Daffy Duck Bitty Pop Daisy Duck

Bitty Pops! Harry Potter

Harry Potter Bitty Pops Figures