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Diamond Grogu Funko Pop: Star Wars Celebration 2022 Limited Edition

Diamond Grogu Funko Pop Star Wars Celebration 2022 Limited Edition 5000 Piece

The Diamond Grogu Funko Pop was a hit from the first moment we laid eyes on it. The diamond glitter finish suits our precious Grogu perfectly and the black box artwork completes the premium look of this pop.

Diamond Grogu was released in May 2022 as a 5000 piece limited edition during Star Wars Celebration.

We had the honour of protecting not one, not two, but SIX Diamond Grogu's in our hard stack pop protectors - that's over $1500 CAD worth of Grogu's !

Look at these Diamond Grogu Pops in all their glory!

6 Diamond Grogus in Hard Stack Pop ProtectorsPhoto from @jabbahutts_popshop