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Pop Yourself

Create a Custom Funko Pop of Yourself

Funko Pops have cemented their place as a pop culture icon.

But what if you could be immortalized as one of these adorable figures? With "Pop Yourself," you can!

Pop Yourself

How to Create Personalized Funko Pop Figures?

The idea might sound like fantasy, but it's more reality than ever. Originally, the personalized figure creation experience was exclusive to visitors of Funko Headquarters in Everett, Wash., and Funko Hollywood in Los Angeles. However, due to its roaring success and consistent demand, Funko decided to bring this experience to the online world, aptly naming it Pop! Yourself.

But what's the best part? Not only can you design a pop that looks like you, but now, thanks to licensing partners, you can add elements of your favorite pop culture characters. Ever fancied having mermaid fins or donning the mysterious cloak of your beloved vampire character? Now you can!

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Funko Pop of Yourself?

Pricing for this delightful experience is set at $30. The initiative has launched on both and in physical locations at Funko Hollywood and Funko Everett.

Former Funko CEO, Brian Mariotti believes "Pop! Yourself is a game-changer for the brand going forward." The beauty of it? It doesn't just end with creating a figure that looks like you. With millions of combinations available, you can reflect any interest or fandom, which makes it a perfect collectible for any pop culture enthusiast.

Pop Yourself

Can I Buy a Funko Pop of Myself?

Absolutely! The entire point of the "Pop! Yourself" initiative is to allow fans to have a personal connection with their collection. It offers a unique blend of personalization and the fandom universe that only Funko can deliver.

Funko Pop Yourself Custom

Keeping Your Custom Pop Safe

Once you've created a mini-you, you'll want to keep it safe. Consider investing in Funko pop protectors. Not only do they shield your figures from dust and potential accidents, but they also ensure your collection looks pristine for years to come.

In the ever-evolving world of collectibles, this latest offering from Funko truly stands out. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just diving into the world of Pops, the opportunity to "Pop! Yourself" is an exciting prospect. After all, in the vast universe of characters and fandoms, who better to add to your collection than yourself?



What is "Pop Yourself"?

"Pop Yourself" is an exciting and innovative initiative introduced by Funko. This unique program offers customers the chance to design and create personalized Funko Pop figures that resemble themselves or their loved ones. Originally only available at particular Funko brick-and-mortar locations, the popularity of this concept has allowed it to expand to the online space, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

How can I create a custom Funko Pop of myself?

To craft your very own personalized Funko Pop figure, simply navigate to the "Pop Yourself" section on the official Funko website. For those looking for a more hands-on and personal touch, the experience is also available at specific physical locations, including the Funko Headquarters in Everett, Wash., and Funko Hollywood in Los Angeles.

Pop Yourself Custom Funko Pop

How much does a custom "Pop Yourself" figure cost?

Each customized Funko Pop figure, born from the "Pop Yourself" initiative, comes with a price tag of $30. This cost covers the intricate details and personalization that goes into crafting a figure that uniquely represents you.

Can I add elements of my favorite pop culture characters to my figure?

Absolutely! Funko's collaboration with various licensing partners means that you can infuse your figure with elements from your beloved pop culture characters. Whether you've always dreamed of having mermaid fins or donning a vampire cloak, "Pop Yourself" lets you bring these fantasies to life.

Is "Pop Yourself" available only online?

While "Pop Yourself" has broadened its horizons by venturing into the digital realm, it continues to remain an in-store experience at select Funko venues. You can avail of this service both online and at notable locations such as Funko Hollywood and Funko Everett.

Does ship to Canada?

Nope, it sucks @$$! You'll need to use a reshipper / freight forwarder.

What kind of accessories or features can I add to my custom Funko Pop?

The sky's the limit when it comes to customization options for your Funko Pop figure. With a myriad of combinations up for grabs, you can tweak everything from facial features and clothing to an assortment of pop culture-centric accessories that span a wide range of fandoms.

Pop Yourself Funko Pop Custom Accessories

Are there any protective cases available for my custom Funko Pop?

Of course! To ensure that your one-of-a-kind figure remains in pristine condition, we offer various protective cases. You can browse through our pop protectors.

When will the "Pop Yourself" initiative be launched?

Funko has already launched "Pop Yourself" online and enthusiasts can access this service both on the Funko official website and at designated physical outlets.