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What are Funko Soda Figures?

What are Funko Soda figures?


Funko has been a household name in the collectible world for years, with their Funko Pop Figures taking the world by storm. As the popularity of Funko Pops grew, Funko expanded its product line to include a new and unique collectible - Funko Soda Figures. Join us as we delve into the world of Funko Soda Figures, discuss their "limited" nature, highlight some of the rarest finds, and explore how you can protect and display your collection with Soda Stands and hard case pop protectors.

A Brief History of Funko and Funko Soda Figures

Funko, established in 1998, has a rich history that has led to its massive success in the collectibles market. They're best known for their Funko Pop Figures, which became a must-have for fans of movies, TV shows, comic books, and more. With the success of Funko Pops, Funko introduced Soda Figures in 2020 to offer collectors a fresh and exciting collectible option.

What Makes Funko Soda Figures Unique and Valuable

Funko Soda Figures are a departure from the traditional Funko Pop design. They come in a unique soda can-like packaging and stand approximately 4.25 inches tall. Each Soda Figure is made of vinyl and features a stylized design, much like Funko Pops. However, they often have a thinner, more retro and nostalgic feel, which has drawn collectors to them.

Limited Edition and Chase Variants

Funko Soda Chase Figure Variants

One key aspect that sets Funko Soda Figures apart is their limited nature. Each Soda Figure has a set piece count, which indicates the total number of units produced. This scarcity makes them more valuable and sought after by collectors. Additionally, Funko includes "Chase" variants in their Soda Figure releases. These Chase figures are rarer versions of the standard figure, often featuring alternate designs or color schemes, making them even more desirable.

The Rarest Funko Soda Figures

Funko has released numerous Soda Figures since their introduction, and some have become incredibly rare and valuable. Here are a few of the most sought-after Funko Soda Figures:

  1. Scooby-Doo (Werewolf) Chase - Limited to 1,600 pieces, this werewolf version of Scooby-Doo is a highly prized chase variant.
  2. Big Boy - This limited edition figure of the iconic restaurant mascot has a piece count of only 750, making it a rare find.
  3. Crusader Rabbit - With a piece count of just 800, this classic animated character is another rare and valuable Funko Soda Figure.

Protecting and Displaying Your Funko Soda Collection

To maintain the value and appearance of your Funko Soda Figures, it's essential to protect them with the right accessories. We offer a variety of protective products and display solutions designed specifically for your Soda Figures.

Soda Stands

Funko Soda Can Stand Display Canada

Using Soda Stands to display your Funko Soda Figures not only adds a touch of elegance but also helps prevent your figures from falling over and potentially getting damaged. These stands are designed to fit the can of the Soda Can perfectly, ensuring stability and a professional look for your collection.

Hard Case Pop Protectors

Soda Stands in hard case pop protectors

To further safeguard your Soda Figures, consider using hard case pop protectors. These protectors are designed to shield your figures from dust, scratches, and other potential damage, while still allowing for easy viewing and access, available in multipacks.


Join the Collector Rewards Club

If you're serious about your Funko Soda Figures and other collectibles, consider joining the Collector Rewards Club. By becoming a member, you'll gain access to exclusive deals, discounts, and even limited edition products like the Limited Edition Pop Chaser Tee and Glow Pop Charger.

Where to Buy Funko Soda Figures in Canada

Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting your Funko Soda journey, it's essential to know where to find these unique collectibles. We have a helpful Canada Funko Pops & Sodas Directory that lists online and offline stores where you can find and purchase Funko Soda Figures in Canada.

In Conclusion

Funko Soda Figures have become a popular and exciting addition to the world of collectibles. Their limited nature, chase variants, and unique designs make them highly sought after by collectors. By using products like Soda Stands and hard case protectors, you can ensure your valuable collection remains in pristine condition. Additionally, joining the Collector Rewards Club and utilizing the Canada Funko Pops & Sodas Directory can help you find the best deals and expand your collection even further. Happy hunting!