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Why Does the Value of Funko Pops Go Down?

As a Funko Pop collector, you've probably noticed that the value of some of your prized possessions can fluctuate over time. While it's great when their worth increases, it's disappointing to see the value of your Funko Pops go down. In this article, we will explore the top five reasons why the value of Funko Pops go down.

Why does the value of funko pops go down

1. Overproduction

Funko Pops are incredibly popular and are often produced in large quantities to meet demand. As a result, some figures become more common, and their value decreases due to overproduction. Collectors usually prefer vaulted Funko Pops or limited edition figures, which are no longer in production and tend to be rarer.

2. Condition and Packaging

The condition of a Funko Pop greatly impacts its value. Protective cases are essential to maintain the condition of your collectibles, especially if you plan to sell your collection or use them as an investment. Damaged packaging, scuffs, or paint flaws can all lead to a drop in value.

"Maintaining the condition of your Funko Pops is crucial to preserving their value. Invest in protective cases to keep your figures safe and pristine." - Pop Hard Case Canada

3. Market Trends

Pop culture trends play a significant role in the value of Funko Pops. When a franchise or character gains popularity, the demand for related figures increases, leading to a rise in their value. Conversely, when interest in a franchise wanes, the value of associated Funko Pops may decrease. Stay up to date with current trends and collector insights to better understand the market.

4. Re-releases and Repaints

Funko often releases new versions of popular figures, such as repaints or re-releases. When this happens, the value of the original figure may decrease as collectors can now acquire a similar figure more easily. For example, the introduction of blacklight Funko Pops could lead to a decrease in the value of original versions without the blacklight feature.

5. Flippers

Flippers are individuals who buy limited edition or exclusive Funko Pops with the sole purpose of reselling them at a higher price. They often flood the market with these figures, which can temporarily drive up their value. However, as the hype dies down and more collectors acquire the figures, the value of these Funko Pops may decrease.

Protecting Your Investment

To protect your Funko Pop investment, consider the following tips:

  • Use Pop Hard Case protectors to keep your figures in mint condition.
  • Stay informed about market trends 


Understanding the factors that affect the value of your Funko Pop collection is crucial for collectors who consider their figures as an investment. By staying informed about market trends, protecting your figures with high-quality pop hard case protectors, and focusing on collecting rarer figures, you can better maintain the value of your collection.

Remember that the primary reason for collecting Funko Pops should be the joy of collecting and connecting with others who share your passion. While it's important to be aware of the factors that can cause the value of your figures to decrease, don't let it overshadow the pleasure of building your collection and discovering new Funko Pops.

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