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Funko Soda

Let's take a deep dive into Funko Sodas and discover everything there is to know.

Question Summary
What Are Funko Soda Figures? Designer vinyl figures of pop culture icons packaged in soda-like cans, with limited chase variants.
Where Can I Display My Funko Soda Figures? On a Soda Stand Display, an ideal way to showcase and protect the figures.
Are Funko Soda Figures a Good Investment? Yes, especially if they are limited editions, chase variants, or popular/vaulted characters. Proper maintenance enhances their value.
How Do I Identify a Chase Funko Soda Figure? The disc on the soda can top will indicate if it's a chase figure with the text "You Found The Chase".
What's the Best Way to Clean Funko Soda Figures? Gentle dusting with a soft cloth or small brush. Use pop protectors for added protection.
Are Funko Soda Figures Safe for Children? Primarily aimed at adult collectors, but can be enjoyed by children under adult supervision.
What Makes Funko Soda Figures So Popular? Unique design, wide array of characters, exciting unboxing experience, and fun soda can packaging.
How Many Funko Soda Figures Are There? The exact number keeps changing with new releases.
Can Funko Soda Figures Get Damaged By UV Light? Yes, UV light can cause fading or yellowing. Best to keep them away from direct sunlight or fluorescent light.
Are There Any Blacklight Funko Soda Figures? As of September 2021, no Blacklight Soda Figures were available. Future releases may vary.

1. What Are Funko Soda Figures?

Funko Soda Figures, much like their Pop! Vinyl brethren, are a collection of designer vinyl figures of pop culture's icons, only with a fizzy twist. As the name implies, these adorable collectibles come packaged in soda-like cans, adding to their unique charm and stand-out packaging. 

And it doesn't end with just owning these cute little buddies! Funko takes the collector's thrill to the next level with limited chase variants. These are rarer versions of the standard figures with only a small chance of getting one, making the unboxing process as exciting as it gets!

2. Where Can I Display My Funko Soda Figures?

Displaying your Funko Soda Figures is a crucial part of the collecting experience. After all, your buddies need a worthy throne! This is where our Soda Stand Display steps in. It's the perfect stage to showcase your collection and simultaneously ensure they stay in mint condition.

The right display platform not only protects your prized possessions from dust and accidents but also adds a refreshing vibe to your room. Imagine walking into a space filled with your favourite pop culture icons, encased and arranged with love, and you know you've got a conversation starter right there!

Where Can I Display My Funko Soda Figures

3. Are Funko Soda Figures a Good Investment?

Think of these Funko Soda Figures as your fizzy gold mines. As time passes, the value of these figures often increases, especially if they are limited edition or chase variants. However, investing in Funko Soda Figures isn't just about monetary returns—it's about being part of a vibrant and passionate community. Discover why collecting Funko Soda Figures could be your next big investment strategy here.

There are several factors that influence the value of Funko Soda Figures. Limited editions and chase variants are naturally more valuable because of their scarcity. The condition of the figure and its packaging also plays a crucial role in determining its worth. A figure in a pristine state, with the packaging intact, is likely to fetch a higher price. Hence, it's not just about collecting, but also about maintaining your figures.

Speaking of protection, using Pop protectors is a popular way to safeguard your figures. Our hard stack pop protectors or premium soft pop protectors can be your figures' best friends. Remember, a well-protected figure is a happy (and valuable) figure! 

4. How Do I Identify a Chase Funko Soda Figure?

Chase Funko Soda Figures are the Willy Wonka's golden tickets of the Funko universe. These are rarer versions of the regular figures, usually with a unique twist like a different color scheme or a different pose. But how to identify them? Well, there's a handy hint on the can!

The top of the soda can features a disc that reveals whether you've hit the jackpot and got a chase figure. If it's a standard figure, it will simply show the character. However, if you have scored a chase, the disc will have the exciting "You Found The Chase" text. It's as simple as popping the top!

Chase Funko Soda
Pictured here are Chase Funko Sodas atop our Soda Stands and inside our hard stack pop protectors.

5. What's the Best Way to Clean Funko Soda Figures?

Ah, cleanliness—the secret ingredient to keep your figures sparkling and their value soaring! While Funko Soda Figures don't require much upkeep, a gentle dusting now and then can keep them in prime condition. A soft, dry microfiber cloth or a small brush can work wonders. And remember, these figures aren't fond of the dishwasher or intense cleaning solutions.

To maintain their mint condition and for added protection, consider using pop protectors. Check out the Funko Pop protectors  paired with a Soda Stand. After all, cleanliness is next to godliness, especially in the Funko world!

6. Are Funko Soda Figures Safe for Children?

While Funko Soda Figures might look like the perfect toys for children, they are primarily aimed at adult collectors. However, this doesn't mean kids can't join the fun! With adult supervision, children can enjoy these figures while learning the ropes of collecting.

But remember, these figures aren't just playthings. They're collectibles that can gain value over time. So, teach the kiddos about handling them with care, and soon you'll have a junior collector growing their own pop culture universe!

7. What Makes Funko Soda Figures So Popular?

Funko Soda Figures have garnered a cult-like following, and it's easy to see why. Their unique design, coupled with the representation of a plethora of pop culture characters, make them a hit among collectors and enthusiasts. Dive deeper into their origins and learn why Funko Pops are so popular.

The thrill of unboxing and the chance to find a chase variant adds to the excitement. And let's not forget, the soda can packaging is a whole lot of fun in itself, offering a unique take on the traditional collectible display.

8. How Many Funko Soda Figures Are There?

Funko has a knack for keeping the pop culture enthusiast on their toes. The exact number of Funko Soda Figures keeps changing as new characters and lines are introduced. It's like a never-ending fizzy party where new guests keep arriving!

Stay updated on the latest releases and the comprehensive history of Funko here. As of now, the Funko Soda universe is vast, and there's always room for more.

9. Can Funko Soda Figures Get Damaged By UV Light?

Yes, UV light can play the villain to your Funko Soda Figures, causing fading or yellowing over time. For this reason, it's best to keep them away from direct sunlight or fluorescent light. Delve into the dangers of UV light on Funko figures here.

Remember, your Funko figures love the spotlight, but not the sunlight. So, choose their display location wisely, and keep them in the limelight without the harmful effects of UV!

10. Are There Any Blacklight Funko Soda Figures?

Yep! Just like Blacklight Funko Pops - there are several Blacklight Funko Soda Figures available.

Blacklight Funko Sodas

Frequently Asked Questions about Funko Soda Figures

What are the chances of getting a chase Funko Soda Figure?

The odds of finding a chase Funko Soda Figure vary with each figure and are usually indicated on the soda can. Typically, the chances are 1 in 6, but it can be different for specific releases.

Are Funko Soda Figures only about pop culture characters?

While the majority of Funko Soda Figures are from pop culture franchises such as movies, TV shows, and comics, Funko does produce figures from various other realms, including sports, history, and even their own original characters!

Do Funko Soda Figures come with accessories?

Some Funko Soda Figures come with tiny accessories, like weapons or props, especially if they are inherent to the character's persona.

Can I recycle Funko Soda Figure cans?

Yes, the soda cans are made of recyclable material. But remember, the cans also form a part of the collectible, and retaining them in good condition can add to the value.

How to store Funko Soda Figures for a long period?

Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. For added protection, consider using pop protectors.

Do all Funko Soda Figures have a metallic variant?

No, not all figures have a metallic variant. Variants depend on the character and the specific release.

Can I buy just the chase variant of a Funko Soda Figure?

Usually, the chase variants are randomly packed and cannot be purchased separately. However, you might find some collectors selling their chase figures independently.

Are Funko Soda Figures available worldwide?

Yes, Funko Soda Figures are available worldwide. However, some specific characters or variants might be exclusive to certain regions or stores.

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