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Chase Funko Pops: Top 6 Facts You Need to Know

Chase Funko Pops are a must-have for any serious collector. These rare and often highly valuable figures are sought after by enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, we'll dive into the top 6 facts about Chase Funko Pops that every collector should know.

Chase Funko Pops

1. What is a Chase Funko Pop?

A Chase Funko Pop is a limited edition, rare variant of a standard Funko Pop figure. These special editions usually feature unique designs or paint applications, making them highly sought after by collectors. They are often produced in ratios of 1 in 6. The rarity of Chase figures can make them a valuable investment for those looking to profit from their collection.

2. How Can You Identify a Chase Funko Pop?

Chase Funko Pops are typically marked with a unique "Chase" sticker on the front of their packaging. This sticker signifies that the figure is a rare variant of the standard version. Be cautious when purchasing Chase figures, as Funko Pop flippers may attempt to sell counterfeit or fake Chase Pops to unsuspecting buyers.

3. Why are Chase Funko Pops So Popular?

The popularity of Chase Funko Pops can be attributed to their rarity and the excitement of finding them. Collectors often enjoy the thrill of the hunt, searching for these elusive figures in stores and online. As Funko Pop figures continue to grow in popularity, so does the demand for Chase variants.

"Chase Funko Pops are the rare gems of the Funko Pop world, and finding one is like striking gold for collectors." - The Joys of Collecting Funko Pops

4. The Most Valuable Chase Funko Pops

Some Chase Funko Pops can be worth a significant amount of money due to their rarity and demand. For example, the most valuable Michael Jordan Funko Pops include Chase variants that can sell for hundreds of dollars. Keep an eye on vaulted Funko Pops as well, as these retired figures can also command high prices on the resale market.

5. Protecting Your Chase Funko Pops

To preserve the value of your Chase Funko Pops, it's crucial to protect them from damage. One effective method is using hard case protectors specifically designed for Funko Pop figures. These cases can safeguard your collection from UV light, dust, and other potential hazards. Learn more about the importance of protective cases in our article on why protective cases are essential for Funko Pop collectors.

6. Where to Buy and Sell Chase Funko Pops

Finding Chase Funko Pops can be a challenging endeavour, but there are several places you can search for these elusive figures. Online retailers, specialty stores, and Canadian collectors' corners are all potential sources for Chase Funko Pops. If you're looking to sell your Chase figures, check out our guide on where to sell Funko Pops and sodas collections.

Bonus Fact: Funko Soda Chase Figures

Chase variants are not limited to Funko Pop figures. Funko Soda figures also feature Chase variants, which can be just as sought after and valuable as their Pop counterparts. Examples of popular Chase Funko Soda figures include the Chase Popeye Funko Soda Can Figure and the Chase Green Lantern Funko Soda Can Figure.

In Conclusion

Chase Funko Pops are an exciting and valuable aspect of Funko Pop collecting. Their rarity and unique designs make them highly sought after by collectors worldwide. By understanding the top 6 facts about Chase Funko Pops, you'll be better prepared to hunt down these rare treasures and protect your investment.

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