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EB Games Funko Pop

In the great white north, collectors have had a unique avenue for scoring some of the most sought-after pops - thanks to EB Games (GameStop). Let's dive deep into the world of EB Games Funko Pops, exploring the brand's history, its exclusivity in the Funko world, and its recent rebranding.

EB Games Funko Pop

A Flashback to EB Games in Canada

Originally hailing from the U.S., EB Games expanded its horizon and ventured into the Canadian market, bringing along video games, gaming consoles, and collectibles. The brand quickly established itself as a go-to spot for gaming enthusiasts.

But there was another group drawn to the store's fluorescent-lit aisles. Funko collectors soon realized that EB Games was more than just a gaming store - it was a treasure trove of exclusive Funko Pops.

Why the Hype for EB Games Exclusives?

Every Funko collector knows the thrill of hunting down that elusive Pop, and EB Games upped the ante by introducing Funko exclusives not found anywhere else in Canada. From exclusive variants to completely unique molds, these pops became instant collector's items.

Moreover, the sheer variety available at EB Games, combined with its frequent sales and member discounts, made it a haven for Funko collectors. Whether you're into Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, or Stranger Things, EB Games had something for everyone.

EB Games Funko Pop

The GameStop Transformation

While the EB Games name held significant nostalgia for many, the winds of change blew, leading to the brand's rebranding as GameStop in Canada. But fear not, collectors! This transition hasn't affected the brand's commitment to offering those tantalizing Funko exclusives.

EB Games GameStop Logos

Protecting Your Precious Pops

Regardless of where you purchase your Funkos, it's vital to protect your investment. Whether they're rare exclusives or just personal favourites, ensuring they remain in mint condition is crucial. That's where Funko Pop protectors come in. From hard case protectors to premium soft protectors, ensuring your pops remain dust-free and safe is easier than ever.

The Verdict

EB Games, or GameStop, remains a staple for Canadian Funko collectors. Their exclusives are the stuff of legend, and with the added advantage of protecting your investment, the sky's the limit for your collection. Happy hunting!

FAQ: Diving into the World of EB Games

1. What is EB Games?

EB Games, or "Electronics Boutique Games," started as a store primarily focusing on electronics and video games. Over the years, it expanded its offerings to include gaming consoles, accessories, and collectibles like Funko Pops.

2. How is EB Games different from GameStop?

EB Games and GameStop are essentially the same entity. GameStop is the parent company and is more widely recognized in the U.S. In Canada, the stores were initially branded as EB Games, but they began rebranding to GameStop. Regardless of the name, both stores offer similar products and exclusives.

3. Why are there exclusive Funko Pops at EB Games?

EB Games often partners with Funko to release exclusive variants or entirely unique molds of pops. These exclusives can be tied to special events, gaming releases, or simply regional exclusives for Canadian fans.

4. Can I pre-order games and collectibles at EB Games?

Absolutely! EB Games allows customers to pre-order upcoming video game titles and sometimes even collectibles. By pre-ordering, you ensure you get the item on its release day, often with bonus content or special edition variants.

5. Do they offer a loyalty program or member discounts?

Yes, they do! EB Games has a loyalty program that offers members exclusive discounts, early access to sales, and bonus points on purchases. Just like us! These points can then be redeemed for store credit or discounts.

6. I've heard about trade-ins. How does that work?

EB Games has a trade-in program where you can bring in your old games, consoles, and even some collectibles. In return, you get store credit or cash. The value you receive depends on the item's condition and demand. It's a great way to declutter and make some savings on your next purchase!