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New Funko Pops

For the devoted lovers of all things pop culture, there's no thrill quite like the hunt for the latest new Funko Pop vinyl figure.

New Funko Pops

Whether you're a movie buff, a die-hard TV series fan, or a comic book enthusiast, Funko Pops have a way of becoming an irresistible part of your collection. But how do you keep up with the constant influx of new releases? Dive in to discover the ins and outs of adding new Funko Pops to your prized collection.

Discovering the Latest Funko Pop Releases

Staying updated with the latest Funko releases can be a bit overwhelming given the brand's immense productivity. Here are some insider tips:

  • Official Funko Announcements: New releases are listed here. Funko often teases new releases on their social media platforms and official website. Joining their newsletter might also give you exclusive insights.

  • Fan Communities: Platforms like Reddit, dedicated Facebook groups, Instagram, or even Discord servers can be a treasure trove. Apart from announcements, fans also share unboxing videos, reviews, and their own hunting experiences.

Where to Find Your Next New Funko Pop

Knowing about a release is one thing; laying your hands on it is another. Here's how:

  • Local Stores: Some collectors swear by brick-and-mortar hunts. It's not just about buying the Pop but the thrill of discovery. Plus, you might chance upon store exclusives.

  • Online Retailers: Websites dedicated to collectibles are plentiful. Ensure you're shopping from a reputable site to avoid counterfeit figures.

  • Trade & Sell Platforms: Platforms like eBay or specialized Funko trading sites can be both a place to sell and a place to buy. Engage with seller reviews and ratings to ensure authenticity.

  • Check out our Canada Funko Pop and Soda Directory and find a list of stores that sell pops in Canada.

Events and Conventions

Attending events like Comic-Con or the annual Funko Fair can be a delightful experience for a collector:

  • Exclusive Releases: Many conventions feature event-exclusive Pops which can be a rare addition to your collection.

  • Meet Fellow Collectors: Conventions are great places to network with other enthusiasts, exchange tips, or even barter figures.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Every Funko Pop has its upsides and potential pitfalls:


  • Nostalgia & Sentiment: Beyond value, Pops can be a tangible reminder of beloved characters or moments from pop culture.

  • Diverse Range: From Harry Potter to Indiana Jones, there's something for everyone.


  • Overwhelming Choices: With so many releases, choosing can be a challenge. Always research before making a purchase.

  • Space Concerns: Large collections require proper storage. Consider creating a dedicated space or room, invest in Funko Pop Protectors and  protect them from UV damage.

Strategies for the Savvy Collector

Being a discerning collector can enhance your experience:

  • Be Patient: Some pops, though expensive upon release, might reduce in price over time. Conversely, some ordinary figures today might become grails tomorrow.

  • Document Your Collection: Use apps or software to keep a tab on your collection. This not only helps in organization but can be useful for insurance purposes. We recommend the Hobby DB app for keeping track of your collections.

To conclude, collecting Funko Pops is more than just a hobby; it's a journey through pop culture, a ticket to a community of passionate enthusiasts, and a personal gallery of art and memories. As you embark on your Funko journey, remember to enjoy each moment, for in the world of collecting, the journey often surpasses the destination.