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Which Funko Pops to Collect?

As a new Funko Pop collector, you may find yourself asking, "Which Funko Pops should I collect?" With so many different figures and themes available, it can be a bit overwhelming. In this article, we'll provide some guidance on how to choose the right Funko Pops for your collection, as well as tips on how to protect and display them. Let's dive in!

What Funko Pops to Collect?

1. Follow Your Passion

One of the main reasons why people collect Funko Pops is because they're passionate about the subjects they represent. Whether you're a fan of Star Wars, My Hero Academia, or The Office, there's a Funko Pop for everyone. Start by collecting figures from your favourite movies, TV shows, or games.

2. Invest in Valuable Funko Pops

Some collectors view Funko Pops as an investment. In this case, you'll want to focus on rare and valuable figures. Look for Funko Pop grails, limited editions, and vaulted Funko Pops. Additionally, consider the most valuable figures from popular series, like Naruto or Demon Slayer.

3. Explore Niche Collections

If you're looking for something unique, consider niche collections like Funko Pop Ad Icons, Bitty Pops, or Blacklight Funko Pops. These figures can add a fun twist to your collection and make it stand out.

4. Consider Funko Soda Figures

Expand your collecting horizons with Funko Soda figures. These collectibles are similar to Funko Pops but come in a unique soda can packaging. Look for chase variants, like the Chase Popeye Funko Soda or the Chase Green Lantern Funko Soda

5. Protect and Display Your Collection

To maintain the value and appearance of your Funko Pops, it's essential to invest in proper protection. At Pop Hard Case, we offer Pop protectors and Pop & Soda accessories to keep your collection safe. Display your Funko Pops using Pop-friendly IKEA picture ledges.

6. Keep an Eye Out for Special Editions

Special edition Funko Pops, like convention exclusives or limited runs, can be a great addition to your collection. For example, the Diamond Grogu Funko Pop from Star Wars Celebration 2022 is a unique and valuable piece. Stay informed about upcoming releases and events to snag these limited figures.

7. Don't Forget Digital Funko Pops

With the rise of NFTs, digital Funko Pops have entered the collecting world. These non-fungible tokens represent digital ownership of a unique Funko Pop figure. Explore popular digital series like Game of Thrones NFT Funko Pops or TMNT Funko NFTs to expand your collection into the digital realm.

8. Join a Community of Collectors

Connect with fellow collectors in the Canadian Collectors Corner or through online forums and social media. Share your passion, learn from others, and discover new collecting opportunities. Plus, you can join our Collector Rewards Club to earn points and receive exclusive offers.

In Conclusion

Collecting Funko Pops is a fun and rewarding hobby. By following your passion, investing in valuable figures, and exploring niche collections, you can build a unique and impressive collection. Don't forget to protect and display your Funko Pops with the help of Pop Hard Case, and connect with fellow collectors to share your love for these delightful figures. Happy collecting!