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Brian Mariotti Takes Leave of Absence Steps Down as Funko CEO

Hang on to your hard stack pop protectors, folks! It's a wild ride in the world of pop culture collectibles as we dive into recent upheavals at Funko. There's a carousel of corporate change that's about to spin faster than a limited edition pop chaser tee in a blacklight party!

Brian Mariotti

In a recent turn of events, Brian Mariotti announced his leave of absence from his role as Funko's CEO. Oh yes, the man who became synonymous with "Why Funko Pop figures are so popular" has decided to recharge his batteries. But fear not, collectors! He's still in the game as a member of the Funko Board of Directors.

"Funko has been my labor of love for nearly two decades,” said Mariotti. “While I'm going to step away from the day-to-day business to recharge my batteries, I plan to stay active on our Board."

Every exit brings a new entry. Cue the drum roll for director Michael Lunsford, who's stepping in as interim CEO. Known for his expert navigation of transitional periods, Lunsford is like the hard case pop protector that shields your Funko Pops during turbulent times.

As collectors, we understand the importance of safeguarding our investments, right? Just like the importance of pop protectors for Funko Pop collectors. Lunsford's role in Funko's leadership will be much the same— ensuring smooth continuity and success in this beloved brand.

Speaking of beloved brands, Lunsford himself stated,

“Brian and the Funko team have created an iconic and beloved brand, and I am honored to expand my role with the organization in the coming months.”

Indeed, the legacy of Funko, captured succinctly in the history of Funko, has always been about capturing the zeitgeist of pop culture. It’s the secret sauce that keeps collectors coming back for more, and it's not just about the characters or the unique Funko soda figures. It's the emotional connection to these pop culture phenomena that drives people to collect Funko Pops.

Whether you’re into Star Wars, Naruto, My Hero Academia, or The Mandalorian, you know it's more than a hobby. It’s an investment, a connection, a trip down memory lane, and Funko Pops as an investment makes it even more worthwhile!

So, what does the future hold for Funko and its avid collectors? Well, if the company's innovative past, captivating ad icons, and the potential in NFT digital Funko Pops are any indication, we’re in for a fun ride!

Stay tuned, collectors! As Lunsford takes on his sixth CEO role, we might just be in for the Funko version of a diamond Grogu Funko Pop.

Here’s to hoping that the company keeps capturing the zeitgeist and filling our pop collections with joy!

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